Terms & Conditions


1. Introduction

1.1. This document and the other documents mentioned therein, establish the conditions governing the access and use of this website texdia.pt.

1.2. We recommend that you read these terms and conditions, our cookies policy and our privacy policy carefully before using this website. By using this website, the user becomes aware of and accepts the provisions of these terms and conditions and the policies mentioned, so you should not use this website if you do not accept, in their entirety, these terms and conditions and the other policies mentioned.

1.3. These terms and conditions may be changed at any time. Periodic reading of the same is the responsibility of the user.

1.4. The user can contact us via email angelacosta@texdia.pt to clarify any doubts about these terms and conditions or about the other policies mentioned.

2. Object

2.1. The present website texdia.pt, hereinafter referred to as Texdia, is represented and belongs to the entity Texteis Texdia, SA, with the corporate identification number 501565140, headquarters at Rua das Vinhas no 232, 4765-764 Oliveira de São Mateus.

2.2. Texdia is a purely informative online page, which aims to disseminate information regarding its goods and services.

2.3. The user assumes responsibility for the use of this website following the rules present in the terms and conditions and in accordance with the legislation in force in Portugal.

2.4. In line with Texdia’s commercial activity, we inform you that we will not enter into any contracts with final consumers, but only with collective entities and/or professionals.

3. Rules

3.1. The interpretation of these terms and conditions is exclusive to Texdia, which reserves the right to modify them at any time.

3.2. We may at any time change these terms and conditions, as such, when accessing our website, always check them, as well as our privacy policy.

3.3. Each time you use the website please check the terms and conditions and ensure you understand them.

3.4. The information or personal data provided by the user will be treated in accordance with the privacy policy and cookies policy. By using this website, the user accepts the processing of said information and personal data, confirming that they are true and that they correspond to reality.

3.5. Users who visit the website can access and read all the content contained therein, without the need to register data or personal information.

4. The user

4.1. The user undertakes to:

a) Not extort the identity of any natural or legal person, nor present inaccurately or deliberately wrongly the user’s relationship with a natural or legal person;
b) Not disrupt or misuse the website or any services, system resources, accounts, servers or networks or other websites linked to or accessible through our website, or jeopardize their security;
c) Not to use or falsify the non-public areas of the website or access them. Any user who improperly and without authorization accesses these areas of the website may be subject to legal action;
d) Not to copy, alter or distribute rights or content of the website, services or tools or Texdia’s trademarks and copyrights.
e) Not capture or otherwise collect information about users, including their email addresses, without their consent;
f) Use this website only to consult the available services and use the contact form;
g) Not intentionally introduce a virus, trojan horse virus, worm type virus, logic bombs or any other material that is harmful or harmful in terms of information technology or technology;
h) Do not attempt or carry out any type of unauthorized access to this website, to the server on which the web page is hosted or to any server, computer or database related to this website.

4.2. We are not responsible for any damages or injuries resulting from a denial-of-service attack, viruses or any other harmful or harmful computer or technological material that may affect the user’s computer, equipment, data or materials as a result of using this page or the transfer of its contents.

4.3. When the user accesses the Texdia website and/or requests information from Texdia, he gives his express consent to the processing of his data. For more information on how your data is handled, please consult our privacy policy available on our website.

5. User Responsibility

5.1. By using the website, you confirm that you accept these terms and conditions of use and that you undertake to comply with them.

5.2. If you do not agree with our terms and conditions of use, you must not use the website.

5.3. The risk of using this website by the user is solely at the user’s expense. This website and the information, services, goods, programs and materials available through this website are provided as is and as available.

6. Prohibition of use

6.1. The user acknowledges and consents that all copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights over the materials or content provided by this website are our property. The user acknowledges that the reproduction, transfer, distribution or storage of the contents of the Texdia website, without prior written authorization, is prohibited for other purposes.

7. Statistical log files

7.1. The IP addresses of all connections made to the Texdia website are recorded. This information will be used to perform aggregate statistical analyses.

7.2. The information will be analyzed in an aggregated and anonymous way. The data used for this purpose does not contain personal identification data or private information.

7.3. The analyzes carried out based on the aggregated statistical information will be carried out to interpret the patterns of use of the site and to continuously improve service levels and user satisfaction. The aggregated statistical information resulting from the analyzes carried out may be disclosed to third parties or publicly.

8. Other applicable terms and conditions

8.1. These terms and conditions refer to other terms and policies that may apply to you when using the website:
 Our privacy policy available on the website which sets out how we collect personal data and how we handle the information provided.

9. Applicable law

9.1. The use of this website and the contracts made through it are governed by Portuguese law. This provision does not affect the other rights recognized to the consumer by the legislation in force.